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Fabulous Facial Mousse
Certified Organic
"Rapture Repair"

A luscious, potent, and deeply nourishing cream, our fabulous facial mousse is a perfect skin treatment system all on its own. Existing in a class by itself, this amazing skin nourishing cream is a perfect overnight mousse with deeply rejuvinating properties. It is a perfect cream to use following a deeply cleansing clay facial treatment.

Our facial mousse contains:

  • Virgin, organic coconut oil: penetrates and softens
  • Organic cocoa butter: chocolate-scented hard butter that is excellent for use on the whole body, including hair and sunburn treatments
  • Organic shea butter: restores your skin’s own elasticity.
  • Organic beeswax: adds a sweet, honey-like fragrance. Great for skin!
  • Organic sweet almond oil: penetrates well. Recommended for all skin types, especially irritated and dry skin
  • Organic extra virgin olive oil: high in vitamins and minerals
  • Aloe Vera: one of the most nutrition-packed and biologically-alive liquids on the entire planet?
  • MSM: maintains collagen health by bonding it together, replenish & repair damaged skin, & heal wounds
  • Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid): effective for reducing wrinkles, destroying free radicals, repair damaged skin & increase collagen production
  • Magnetized, distilled water



Fabulous Facial Mouse
Certified Organic
4 Ounces
Fabulous Facial Mousse Skin Moisturizer

Fabulous Facial Mousse

4 ounces of Fabulous Facial Mousse

One single 4 ounce bottle of facial mousse

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